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Completely forgot about this 

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Anonymous asked: When do you guys decide to continue making Broville? Do you do it when you're bored or do you have some kind of schedule.


Just cause we’re in a lull doesn’t mean we stop entirely. Just this morning Golonka, Metalus and I did a courtyard for the Struggl Inc. company.

I can’t vie for the rest of the team, but I continue to build SOLAR mostly in an attempt to quell the infernal madness of a tortured mind 

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Important Announcement Regarding Broville »


Hi everyone,

I started Broville way back in June 2010 and ever since it’s been a wonderful experience. I’ve met a lot of really cool people along the way and I’m really excited going forward with this new direction.

I was recently approached by the good people at Facebook Inc. and after some…

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Rainy day in Broville.

This is using seus shader 10.1 preview 2.

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Anonymous asked: From that picture you posted. Do you work at the center, or THE center?

Now wAit a Second, Anon, i don’t Know what it iS that you are referenCing

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Anonymous asked: I KNOW WHAT THAT BUILDING IS. You motherfucker. No shit you work "On a beach."


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Anonymous asked: THE NUMBERS, doctrev! There - in the last commercial's "Comment" metadata! The only conclusive result I can adequately deduce is - "Really interesting to type out on a number pad." DOCTREV - YOU DAZZLING AND GORGEOUS MAD SCIENTIST, I DEMAND ANSWERS! >:O

I wish I could find what you are talking about. :(

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